Multi-Safety-SystemMulti-Safety-System for rearing. For highest requirements on quality and effect.

The Multi-Safety-System (MSS) by Bergophor has following targets:
  • Support natural digestion
  • Stabilise healthy gut flora
  • Strengthen the body’s defences
  • Healthy and strong animals
  • High daily gains without setbacks
  • especially high-quality and highly digestible raw material
  • Immunoglobulines to enhance passive immunisation
  • Probiotics to protect and stabilize the positive gut flora
  • immediately effective acid admixture to support digestion and supress pathogenic germs
  • A prebiotic as selective nutrient for the bacteria of the positive gut flora
  • appetising and vitalising phytogenic substances
  • a combination of fatty-acidglycerides to supres pathogenic germs
  • a balanced vitamin and micronutrient equipment

The composition of the components in BERGOPHOR® MSS can vary from product to product.
By composing these safety components, synergetic effects are produced.