Active ingredients complex/information

Made to prevent digestive disorders with sows and piglets.
Problems of the complex of mastitis, metritis and agalactia are prevented effectively.

Combination of acids for sows and piglets
SUIMIXextraThis highly effective combination of acids for sows and piglets is made to prevent digestive disorders. The digested food is acidified quickly, the pH-value in the stomach stays low and feed can be digested easily and completely.

Additionally harmful germs in the gut and the urinary tract are suppressed by the lowering of the pH-value. Thus, problems of the complex of mastitis, metritis and agalactia are prevented effectively.
The new combination of oregano oil and enzymes for pigs.

Effects of DigestOZym

  • Better feed conversion and intake
  • Better energy utilization (+0,2-0,3 MJ ME/kg)
  • Higher daily weight gains
  • Stable gut flora

By the use of NSP-enzymes, feed conversion and daily live weight gains improved in average of tests by 3%. That means 7.5 kg less feed per fattening pig. In pig fattening oregano oil is used to support digestion and stabilize positive gut flora. Furthermore to appetise and due to its antimicrobial effect.
Similarly to probiotics, vegetable additives need a longer period of time, to fully unfold their effect in the animal.

Multi-Safety-SystemMulti-Safety-System for rearing. For highest requirements on quality and effect.

The Multi-Safety-System (MSS) by Bergophor has following targets:
  • Support natural digestion
  • Stabilise healthy gut flora
  • Strengthen the body’s defences
  • Healthy and strong animals
  • High daily gains without setbacks
  • especially high-quality and highly digestible raw material
  • Immunoglobulines to enhance passive immunisation
  • Probiotics to protect and stabilize the positive gut flora
  • immediately effective acid admixture to support digestion and supress pathogenic germs
  • A prebiotic as selective nutrient for the bacteria of the positive gut flora
  • appetising and vitalising phytogenic substances
  • a combination of fatty-acidglycerides to supres pathogenic germs
  • a balanced vitamin and micronutrient equipment

The composition of the components in BERGOPHOR® MSS can vary from product to product.
By composing these safety components, synergetic effects are produced.