Founded in 1947 by Dr. Dr. W. Berger and his wife Mrs Marga Berger, the company is still family owned. Since 2003 Mrs C. Berger, the daughter of the founder leads the company. Mr Dietmar Loos and Mr Jürgen Brönneke act as executive directors.

The Bergophor sales program covers mineral feed for pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry. Milk replacers, concentrate feed, specialties and concentrates as well as service products. Furthermore there is a petfood line for dogs and cats, as well as for horses.

Located in northern Bavaria, the main plant in Kulmbach provides products for the western part of Germany, all southern and western countries. Farms in the eastern part of Germany, Poland and further eastern countries are provided with German quality feed by our works in Hohburg.

The manufacturing plant in Kulmbach was renewed and expanded in 2006. A 48 meter high tower was built to house two new computer-controlled vertical production lines. A third production line produces milk replacers only. Our three production lines with Bühler mixers produce with a mixing accuracy 1:100.000. Roundabout 40.000 tons are produced in Kulmbach each year.

Bergophor Kulmbach

Highly pressurised licking material is (besides mineral feed) produced in the manufacturing plant in Hohburg. In Hohburg another 10.000 tons of minerals and licking blocks leave the works each year.

Bergophor Hohburg and Kulmbach

Hohburg and Kulmbach.