Quality of grass silages varies extremely this year. Many silages were cut very early or late. Thus optimal quality of silages was not reached. Deficiencies in grass silage have to be balanced in rations, to further enable best milk performance.

Good grass silage usually shows 30-40 % dry matter and crude protein contents of 16-20 %. More than 13,5 % crude protein should be reached. Crude fibre content idally ranges between 22 and 25 percent.

Early cut silages

Early cut silages

Early cut silages are characterized by

  • High crude protein contents, but low content of usable protein
  • Poor protein quality, high proportion of NPN-compound
  • Low crude fibre content
  • Low dry matter

Following measures help to mix a balanced ration

  • Enhance content of usable protein to 15-16 % of dry matter with help of protected protein (rape or soya meal, extracted). Also possible with use of KULMIN® Lacto HL 50 with protected protein.
  • Increase crude fibre values with hay, straw or dry silages, in order to reach 10-12 % structured crude fibre in dry matter
  • Set dry matter at 40 % for ration
  • In order to support immuny system, use a mineral feed with enhanced vitamin E and selenium content (KULMIN® MFV Plus during dry period, ProVit line during lactation)
  • Improve taste of the ration with essential oils e.g. in ProVit HL–line and Vital HL-line
  • Frequently push the feed and feed twice daily, to increase feed intake

KULMIN® Lacto HL 50