As a well-known German producer of feed, we have been counting on highest quality standard for over 60 years. Our BERGIN® and KULMIN® products are established in animal nutrition and cover a widely spread product range for cows, pigs and poultry. Since 2 years we are also active in the area of additives for biogas plants.

To foster our export activities we are looking for serious salesmen for a reliable cooperation.

Importer of feed for farm livestock

you know about animal nutrition and are able to support farmers in terms of nutrition, hygiene and feed preservation
you build up a sales network in your country
you keep in touch with our export department
you buy and sell on your own account.

We offer
  • Mineral and complete feed, specialties for dairy cows
  • Specialites, prestarter, weaning feed and mineral feed for piglets
  • Mineral and complete feed for breeding sows and fattening pigs
  • Mineral feed for poultry
  • Complete and supplementary feed for dogs and cats
  • Mineral, complete feed for horses, including specialties
  • Silage preservatives
  • Hygiene products
  • Additives for biogas plants

We will support you
  • With advertising material
  • With printing data for brochures and incur a part of printing costs
  • Calculation of feed rations
  • If you have any questions concerning our feed or sales conditions

If you are interested in an adequate challenge, in acquiring a lucrative earning and in a long-term, fair cooperation, convince us with a short, meaningful application.
We are interested in you and your country, your education concerning animal nutrition and your plans to built up a sales network in your country.
Please  use our contact form.