Our BERGIN® and KULMIN® products are established in animal nutrition and cover a widely spread product range for cows, pigs and poultry. Furthermore, we offer German petfood within our Montanus® line. This covers cats, dogs and horse feed and specialties. Since 2 years we are also active in the area of additives for biogas plants.
Our philosophy is not only to sell, but to be a good advisor and give an excellent service to farmers. To foster our growing export business, we are always interested in serious salesmen as partner abroad.

Importer of animal feed (farm livestock or petfood)

If you are interested in an adequate challenge, in acquiring a lucrative earning by building up a sales
network and a long-term, fair cooperation, convince us with a short, meaningful application.
We are interested in you and your country, your education concerning animal nutrition and your plans to
build up a sales network in your country.


  • know about animal nutrition and are able to support farmers in terms of nutrition, hygiene and feed preservation
  • are into petfood business and know trends in your country
  • build up a sales network in your country
  • keep in touch with our export department
  • will buy and sell on your own account

Our product range

  • Mineral and complete feed, specialties for dairy cows
  • Specialites, prestarter, weaning feed and mineral feed for piglets
  • Mineral and complete feed for breeding sows and fattening pigs
  • Mineral feed for poultry
  • Complete and supplementary feed for dogs and cats
  • Mineral, complete feed for horses, including specialties
  • Silage preservatives (biological & chemical)
  • Hygiene products
  • Additives for biogas plants

To apply or for more information please contact
Mr Jörg Semmelroch, Sales Manager

Bergophor Futtermittelfabrik Dr. Berger GmbH & Co. KG
Kronacher Straße 13, D-95326 Kulmbach
Phone +49 9221-806-142, Mobile +49 162-251 69 21

We are a German producer of animal feed. Founded in 1947, our company is still family property.

Within last 70 years we have expanded to an annual production of 50.000 tonns of animal feed.