The products of the BERGOFERM® Mineral line are mineral and micronutrients composite for technical use in biogas plants to optimise growth and nutrition of the microorganisms in the fermenter.

BERGOPHERM MineralThree different products – adjusted to different substrata – ensure the provision of minerals and micronutrients.

  • BERGOFERM® Mineral M
  • (Item no. 6025, Pack: Bag 25 kg)
  • BERGOFERM® Mineral S
  • (Item no. 6023, Pack: Bag 25 kg)
  • BERGOFERM® Mineral G
  • (Item no. 6024, Pack: Bag 25 kg)

  • All micronutrients are organically bound, water soluble and easily decomposable
  • Special yeast preparations support the decomposition of organic acids and act as a pHvalue stabiliser. Furthermore they are selective nutrient solution for microorganisms
  • Supports the anaerobic microorganisms
  • The fine texture guarantees optimal dispersion in the fermenter (no sedimentation/silting up)
  • The package of the product is fermentable, you do not have to unwrap BERGOFERM® Mineral

0,5 kg BERGOFERM® Mineral M/S/G per ton substratum (referred to fresh matter)