To make provision of selenium more effective and safe.

All Bergophor mineral feed for dairy cows, calves and cattle contain the Bergophor selenium combination for ruminants.

Selenium takes an important role in the thyroid metabolism, in the ovaries and the placenta. A sufficient selenium provision protects cells from oxidative damage and provides for an intact immune system. Selenium deficiency can cause fertility problems and an increased somatic cell count.

SECUSEduo®All Bergophor mineral feed for dairy cows, calves and fattening cattle contain the new Bergophor selenium combination for ruminants SECUSEduo®. The optimal combination of rumen protected and rumen active selenium increases the availableness and absorption of the supplemented selenium in the organism.

SECUSEplus®All mineral feeds of the KULMIN® ProVit HL line, KULMIN® MFV Plus and the special feed concentrates for dairy cows KULMIN® Lacto HL 50 and Lacto HL 100 contain the effective organic source of selenium SECUSEplus®.

Besides sodium selenite and rumen protected sodium selenite it also contains organically bound selenium in form of selenium yeast. This triple combination ensures the selenium provision of high performance cows even under strong physiological pressure (time around birth, first third of lactation etc.).