Founded in 1947 by Dr. Dr. W. Berger, the Bergophor Futtermittelfabrik developed to a company with 400 employees. First export activities were undertaken in 1980 and are since growing steadily.
In 1989 the petfood line MONTANUS® was successfully created.

After a joint-venture with VEB Mineralstoffgemische Hohburg (founded in 1966) in 1990, this company was overtaken by Bergophor one year later. Since 1979 Mineralstoffgemische Hohburg was routing company for quality management of mineral producers in GDR. They developed quality standards and analysis methods for whole GDR.

In 1992 a new production was
installed and thus high quality level was ensured. Hohburg was ISO-certified in 1997.

In 2001 a new laboratory with latest technology was built. The licking material production was moved from Kulmbach to Hohburg in 2004.

A new storage house was added
in 2013.

The manufacturing plant in Kulmbach was expanded to 3 production lines in 2006 and a further reconstruction of the distribution centre is planned.

After more than 70 years, the company is still family-owned.

The Founder: Dr. Dr. Werner Berger - The company in Kulmbach

Then and now: filling stations

Then and now: the warehouse

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