For lambs and goatlings
Colostrum replacer and admixture, in case the mother‘s colostrum is of bad quality or not sufficient. BERGIN® Globulac L protects lambs and goatlings reliably with a broad spectrum and a high concentration of antibodies. Thus natural development and the body‘s defences are supported. An ideal provision of vitamins, iron and selenium is ensured.

Dissolve 50 g BERGIN® Globulac L in 100 ml warm water and administer with a dummy bottle as soon after birth as possible. Mixing temperature max. 40 °C, drinking temperature 39 °C. Subsequently to BERGIN® Globulac L a drink with BERGIN® Milch L replaces milk if missing.

Fawns are solely fed with BERGIN® Globulac L until 3rd day of life. With a weight of 1.600 g fawns should be fed every 2 hours. From 4th day onwards, reduce BERGIN® Globulac L gradually (20%) and change to BERGIN® Milch L. 1 can of BERGIN® Globulac L is sufficient for one fawn.

BERGIN Globulac L